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Originally Posted by Ethaelmar View Post
But, but, but, I NEED my dirty little secret... my Trek... ALLL MIINNNNNNEEEEE... muwahahahhahaha.

In all seriousness, can we please stop the canon-lover bashing? Everyone has their right to be involved in their own little way they find appealing to their sense and sensibility. Though I agree they can sometimes be overzealous, it is as much out of their love for Trek as what each of us does. To sit here and bash them is going to make them feel left out, unwanted, and then we won't get the opinions from the fringeworthy folks for their feelings, concerns, desires, and all of us may miss out on a point that would sorely need to be remembered.

All of that being said, from what I've read across the internet, I think Mr. Abrams and crew will do just fine, and what we'll see in December will be, at least, able to be added to the overall Star Trek encyclopedia. In fact, from what I've read, I wouldn't doubt that this Trek will have the biggest opening weekend since Science Fiction, as a genre, hit the big screen.
Definately not bashing canon.

But these folks have held Trek back IMO - they are the most vocal and insist that whatever their vision of Trek is - it is this that must be laid down and filmed.

Trek at it's best is forward thinking and broad in scope - I sometimes see these fans as the fundamentalist side of Trek dogma and that unless it conforms to whatever they think Gene was getting at - it's not Trek.

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