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Ditroi, from your writing style, I'm of the assumption you're relatively young, early to mid 20's, yes? So, don't worry about it. Life has a way of taking care of itself and, as long as you stick to your guns and continue to push resume's in the right directions, you'll get where you want to go. Remember that you are GOING to start small, period... that's how you get big, and it's the very rare happenstance that someone, even someone very talented as you appear to be, will catch their break early enough to make a real go of it.

One of the things I'm perplexed about the most -and this is being written to sort of substantiate my rant about catching a break- is a lot of people, including myself, will take a look at movies and television, the actors that have made it big young, and even people like Walt Disney -who fell on hard times, spent over a year in prison, as with Tim Allen, and still picked themselves up and kicked the world's butt- and will not only strive to live a life similar to that, but will insist on it.

However, when we realize the world owes us nothing, but that the only way to move forward is hard work and continuing to push ourselves into all the hard places, we can move ahead and live a full life. The happy side effect comes long IF you get picked up for your talent and make an even bigger full life out of it.

Take this all from someone who's lived a VERY hard life, especially over the past decade, and is, just this year, 36 years after being born, starting to see it all turn around for the better. I lived life the hard way; although I know the world doesn't owe me anything, I have still done everything in my power to push in not only the hard places, but the wrong places.

That's my 50 cents, and all I can afford right now.
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