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yeah this writers strike has messed up a lot of shows. Supposedly in Heroes there was a rumor that Chandra was gonna be brought back to life in season guess is it would have been via Hiros time travel.

Hiro's time travel ability hasd been a big negative as far as I'm concerned, because just like in Trek, it can be used as an easy button to undo anything. Supposedly Kinsei is gonna return at some point...but this could all be easily prevented by Hiro travelling back in time to ancient Japan and either stopping himself from kissing the swordmakers daughter, or by beheading Adam before he turns bad. Being able to do that and not doing it causes the conflict in the story to not make sense...which is why it shouldnt have been introduced in the first place.

The same could be done with Sylar...Hiro could go back in time and stop him from ever meeting Chandra...or behead him before he becomes powerful.

I dont like having an easy button in a show.
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