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Call it what you like but I've a feeling what's coming will have a feel and quality UNLIKE anything we've seen since ST:TMP hit the big screen. The difference between the 60's TV show and what was put up on the silver screen by Robert Wise was tangiable - what you've seen up to now compared to what Abrams is doing will be a similar leap forward. Otherwise what's the point? He knows this.

For those of you with short memories - the hype around the TMP movie was huge. The hype around this will be BIGGER and it's beginning now.

Which Star Trek film has had this level of marketing and hype around it a year before it came out? Websites - cryptic shots of corridors - obtuse angles of the ship being built - and pages on another site debating a blurred camera phone image of a bridge console.

Too many Star Trek fans think Star Trek is their dirty little secret but this film - IMO - is going to change all that. Get with the program or get out of the way..!!


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