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@ Fidelo1985: Du sagtest das in Frankfurt die Orignalversion gezeigt wird!
Das wäre ja echt klasse da ich Weihnachten sowieso in Frankfurt/Bad Homburg verbringen wollte. Kannst du mir dann bitte auch noch sagen in welchem Kinos das wäre, das wäre echt sehr nett!!!
So now back to english:
I've no problems with the fact that the speeches in the trailer are only translated into German. I'm glad that they finaly realized that not everybody in Germany could understand English as well as German.
The movie is produced in the Staates so its logical that the speeches and quots are out of their history!
If the movie were produced in Germany we would also speeches of our own history.
So I don't see a problem in that!
The end is only the beginning!
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