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Originally Posted by Saavik View Post
I'm happy, that they finally realize, that our English is good enough to understand it. And I of course don't want those speeches to be translated. But: According to the comments on there were a several other languages that got other quotes... and not only a translation of the original speeches. And that's what's bothering me: The trailer is US- related, not Country- related like the other trailers... It's as if they put less effort in adapting it. That the trailer is more in English than in German doesn't bother me.
No, this is not true:


The trailers are fundamentally the same with the audio translated into local languages. This means that the original clips from NASA in the 60s along with Nimoy’s “space the final frontier” are in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand versions. However, the Spanish, Italian, French, German and Russian versions all have the titles and the audio in the local languages. At least in the case of the Russian, it appears that the NASA clips have been replaced with those from Russia’s space history.
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