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Originally Posted by Saavik View Post
At the end of season 1 I had hoped, that perhaps someone (a good psychatrist, if you ask me) would have been able to actually help Sylar. That he would stop killing.

Now I wonder if we'll ever know how Chandra felt about having created such a monster...
I wanted (ok, I still do) to see that happen with Sylar too. I am hesitant to wish him completely defanged, but at least make him interesting again. He was interesting when he was "playing" the role of Zane while with Mohinder. He was interesting when he started questioning what type of killing he was comfortable with. Now... well, the writers had a real opportunity to do something fascinating with his character following season one and they chose not to. That irks me a bit. He's their fall-back antagonist and that's great except it's already getting boring. It shouldn't be boring but he's become a one-note villain. If he isn't questioning himself on some level it ceases to be interesting, at least to me.

Personally I think it'd be pretty bold to try and humanize a serial killer.

I'd like some answers concerning Chandra too, but I also like that it was kept open. Of course Mohinder wants to believe his father wouldn't have continued his experiments with Gabriel if he knew he was killing people but then again didn't Chandra basically tell his son that he was too emotional to be a good scientist?
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