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Originally Posted by DrTaylor View Post
nd Questor was really just a ripoff of "I, Robot". We could do this all day.
Actually that's a Rip Off too, if you want to get serious. Here's a ncie quote on the topic from an internet article.

"Issac Asimov in 1940 in his very first book of short stories, "I, Robot". But Asimov didn't first come up with the idea of the "robot". In fact, as with most of human thought, the origins can be traced back to early history.

Egyptian and Sumerian cultures 5000 years ago told legends where gods would "breathe life" into inanimate statues. The "Golem", a clay figure brought to life by Kabbalistic means, is a Hebrew myth that is mentioned in the Talmud. Homer's epic poem, "The Iliad" mentions "mechanical servants". The idea of a "mechanical servant" is ancient. In the 13th century, the advancement of clockwork gave birth to "automata", sometimes very intricately designed mechanical artworks which sometimes incorporated the human form. The automata were not true "robots", and the term had yet to be imagined. The word "robot" can be traced to it's first usage by the Czech playwright Karel Çapek in 1918 in a short story and again in his 1921 play R. U. R., which stood for Rossum's Universal Robots. In the first of many stories revolving around the theme of mechanical rebellion, in the play R.U.R., Rossum creates a race of mechanical servants who rebel, dominate mankind, and eventually wipe out the human race."
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