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Yeah, Sylar being written out for a while was done so Quinto could film Trek but with the strike on he'll probably be available to do Heroes without a hitch when it comes back. I just hope when they bring him back he's actually doing something other than mugging it up and slipping further into the stereotypical villain role :\ Don't get me wrong, Quinto is doing great with what he's been given, but what he's been given has been kinda... um, well I can't use the word I'd like to use but it's not a nice one.

Gotta admit, it bothers me that they wrote out an entire volume because of the strike. I wonder how the season would have gone if it was still in the works. Does this mean the Shanti virus will be dropped?

The comics do follow the show... to be honest, I'm a bad fan and don't keep up with the comics most of the time.
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