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Originally Posted by qwertyplop View Post
this movie will be a genesis moment for Trek - it's a chance to bury the baggage that Trek carries and invigorate the fan base while bringing in new friends. If it means losing a few fans who can't cope then fair enough but this is going to be a massive mainstream cinema event and the success this could bring will re-invent the franchise.
More than likely, Star Trek will either be a Batman Begins sized hit, capable of relaunching the franchise, or a Star Trek: Nemesis sized flop that stalls it out for another six to ten years or more.

This will be the first Star Trek film that has neither William Shatner nor Patrick Stewart. At least one of them has always been there. J.J. Abrams is certainly taking a risk here, but anything worth doing is seldom easy.

Are Star Trek's characters strong enough, like those of James Bond or Superman, to survive the transition to new actors? I think they are, as long as the new actors are skilled enough and are working from a good script. What defines Star Trek? The most important elements are the characters and the stories. As long as Abrams gets those right, we'll have a movie that feels like Star Trek, no matter who plays the parts.

"Risk is our business."
--Captain James T. Kirk
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