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Originally Posted by tomalak301 View Post
^For those who don't like those forums, you don't need to post in all of them. This way was just to relive some of the traffic in the General Trek forum and I think it's working. I mean how would you feel if you posting a thread and it's already on the 3rd page a few hours later. This way at least slows down the killing of threads.
I don't really feel strongly about this, but to play devils advocate...

It doesn't matter which page a thread is on if it's worthy it will be found. When I log on to a forum I always check every active page. In fact, on's 10-Forward, I always start on page 4 and work my way back to page 1.

I'll happen to miss more threads under the new arrangement cos I'm minded to avoid VOY forums, for example. So any VOY-related threads I might've been interested in I'll now miss.
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