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Default Eliza's Avatar Lab

I've decided I like this little micro format, the avatar. It's limitations are, in a lot of ways, very liberating. No need to worry about anything grand...can't happen, the whole image is 80 pixels by 80 pixels....

So, here's the deal. I want to play with avatars. Since people like having cool avatars, why not feed my need to play with avatars by having me make avatars for people who want them?

So, I'm opening up my avatar lab...

If you'd like me to make an avatar for your consideration, please give me some imput...favorite characters, images you just have to have in your avatar, favorite series, whatever...heck, if you just have to have a picture of your pet, then give me that...I'll see what I can do. You are not obligated to use anything I produce and I promise not to pout. My "self esteem" is sufficiently high that I will convince my self you didn't use it because it was just too damned good...but I won't gloat about that because my self esteem is fairly well balanced by my common sense and...well...ya get that.

Just to show you what I'm capable of, I'll first point to my own avatar. I'll also show you two potential avatars I made for DNA.

Now...I'm reasonably certain that my desire to make avatars will outstrip all, I will also create avatars for handles that call to me...obviously, there is even less expectation that these avatars will be used, but I will bring them to the attention of the posters for whom they were created.

So...go for it....engage Eliza's Avatar Lab!

Thanks to Ron Salon for the signature banner!
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