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Post Trekkie Versus Trekker

There was an article in the local paper where a group of Trekkers were organizing a Star Trek discussion group every month on a Saturday. They were quick to define themselves as Trekkers... wanting to distance themselves from Trekkies. Their definition was basically a Trekker would never have a poster, not travel miles and miles for a convention, and never own a pair of Vulcan ears. A Trekkie, on the other hand, would have posters, Vulcan ears, and travel miles and miles for a convention. These "Trekkers" still owned a uniform and would attend a convention.

What, exactly, is the distinction? Not much. If a Trekker is this to becoming a Trekkie, are they only a few pieces of merchandise away? A couple toys? How much merchandise does it take, Admiral? How many? Is it one piece? Is it two??? How many does it take, Admiral?!

I think Star Trek should outgrow this need to distinct. I think we're all Trekkies and the Trekkers just don't wanna think their Trekkies. Trekkies got into the dictionary... let's run with it! No need to have any elitism within our Star Trek fan ranks!
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