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Originally Posted by Commander Jack View Post
I would like to see a new Startrek series based on the adventures of the Enterprise J. Mybe in the 26th century, i think it would be good to jump ahead to that time to see if the Federation and Starfleet are still around or if an new Organastion have taken over from where the Federation had left off, one story line could be that some Omega particles, have made warp travel impossible so a new means off travaling thought space has to be found.

What does everyone think - good idea or bad, let me know.
I don't like it.

Personally I would recommend that no "future scenario" seen in previous Trek should come to be. That means the future of the Enterprise J will not happen, the future of the USS Relativity will not happen etc....

The "future" will remain a blank slate, otherwise it restricts writers to fitting future Trek incarnations into fairly mediocre ideas for the 24th century and beyond.
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