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Originally Posted by ChessMess View Post
Me, I was 5 years old watching TOS. Thanks Dad!

Exactly the same here with me.

I painted planets and stars and had Billions of silly questions as a girl with five has.

So one day he came and said: "Hey, Stef, there is something in TV you might like."

"What is it?", I asked. I often watched the same in TV with my Dad. We shared the same interests and I was perhaps more his boy than actually a girl in this times.

My Das was on it's way to our TV already to switch it on. "You will see. It's about a spaceship and stars."

I went on my favorite place in the living room and nodded. "Cool, Science Fiction. Let's see."

A day to remember, since our TV was new and in color and this was so, so new in 1974 in Germany. You had to switch it on and wait a bit, until the picture formed. Actually we had three channels and one of these channels brought "Raumschiff Enterprise" (aka Star Trek).

I know it as if it was today. It was "Immunity Syndrome" and this man with the pointed ears captured me right from the spot. He was so alien, but everybody so cared for him and he for them. He was so proud. Man, he was smart and this was an alien. I was totally absorbed with my five years of age and discussed the possibility of aliens, black holes in space and spaceships .... and Spock with my Dad.

That was 33 Years ago and since then I never missed an Episode, I never missed anything about Spock and it changed my life and my opinions about humans and how to act properly totally.

I have to thank my Dad and Star Trek for what I am today - I will ever do.
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