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Originally Posted by Raytas View Post
No, the "moving forward" thing is about exploring the human condition, not moving forward on the calendar. You can tell the most amazing stories with the original crew, and at least everybody knows them. They'll draw people to the cinemas. I love DS9 and the Dominion War, but nobody but DS9 fans would actually get stories set during that time, and with those characters. Wouldn't be too profitable, I suppose.

A "reboot", "prequel" (whatever you want to call it) is the way to go. Something new, fresh, modern and exciting.... something that won't be weighed down by all established Trek canon (which would undoubtedly happen if we went to the 25th century. There is no way you could tell a story that would appeal to Joe Sixpack and Trekkies at the same time if you had to take into consideration every little established fact of Trek).

I trust JJ. He knows what he's doing.
I disagree, Canon isn't something bad, you can easily tell a story in the Post NEM era without overwritting it. Canon is a something that can be embraced and expanded. Telling a prequel story as ENT found out is alot more problematic you already have a detailed back story and alot of the design freedom you'd have with moving forward chronologically is lost. I'm not saying that a genuine canon TOS story is impossible but to do it on screen you need something like "Trials and Tribulations" or photo realistic CGI with exception voice actors and the appeal of such a venture may be limited
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