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Originally Posted by GiarcYekrub View Post
Personally I disagree I wasn't impressed with Casino Royale(rather had the Tarantino Version) or Superman Returns(Clark Kent just didn't feel right) and or though Batman Begins was good I didn't think it was nearly as good(Too much monk stuff IMO) as the two Tim Burton Movies even the Star Wars Prequels have jar-jar-itus. Actually I can't think of a Prequel that actually worked... ENT series 4 is the closest I can come
casino royale was the other one i was trying to think of... i wasn't aware that tarantino wanted to make casino royale, and would've loved to have seen him make it, however i don't think that takes away casino royale was the best bond flick in a long while...

given your response i would still argue my initial point is valid... the franchises mentioned had been stagnant for a long time, their last releases quite poor, and the prequels brought them back to life, and returned them to the level of quality they should be at... they're not necessarily the best films of the franchise, but that doesn't deem them to be failures...

i believe the same will happen with this film, it may not be the best trek film, but it will return the franchise to where it should be...

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