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Default Prequel suck!

Originally Posted by vanlo View Post
it's been proven the last couple of years that prequels have the ability to reinvigorate a franchise... we've seen it with batman, superman etc. and i think it will do the same for trek...

the dominion war was some great trek, however that story has been resolved, there is nothing more to tell there... it would've been great for a movie to be made in the DS9 universe, however that ship has sailed...

i think the prequel is a great option, and with nimoy on board i feel it will be a great script...
Personally I disagree I wasn't impressed with Casino Royale(rather had the Tarantino Version) or Superman Returns(Clark Kent just didn't feel right) and or though Batman Begins was good I didn't think it was nearly as good(Too much monk stuff IMO) as the two Tim Burton Movies even the Star Wars Prequels have jar-jar-itus. Actually I can't think of a Prequel that actually worked... ENT series 4 is the closest I can come
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