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Originally Posted by sir num nums View Post
but, the show Enterprise took place about 75-80 years before Kirks time right?

DAMN IT! They canceled that show too soon. (DUH)
Well if kirks time means when he was born... sure... it must have been one heck of a nasty short war. But yeah... maybe if enterprise would have not wasted so much time with the suliban or what ever sphere builder stuff no one had ever heard of before, maybe the show wouldnt have stunk so bad that a die hard trekkie like me would have actually watched it.

I ALMOST feel bad for not watching enterprise as religiously as I did voyager and generations. I still cant watch most of the re runs all the way thru. Yeah I liked a few... but not enough to count. It was too dark. Star Trek isnt supposed to be dark! Cant we have a startrek movie or series that isnt an all out war? I have enough of that in real life.

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