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Originally Posted by omicron View Post
I think Seven introduced much needed tension to the crew... After like episode 5 everyone was one big happy family... I understand the need to work together and all, but come on, they were the federation and rebels against the policy of that federation you would think someone would be vocally against the stuff Janeway does sometimes. In that way Seven served as an easy route for the writers to go, if they needed someone to critisize the policies/decision anyone on board the ship made they could just drag in Seven. Plus she has the added bonus from her Borg intelligence, she can argue with anyone on board because she has the assimilated knowledge to rival anyone on Voyager. So in a way it makes sense that she would be featured more.
I agree, excellent point about 7:9 assimilated intelligence and her status as a semi-outsider bringing needed tension to the Kumbaya Voyager crew.
7:9 also continued the appeal of the Borg, they (it) are (is) very facisnating to most Trekies.
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