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Originally Posted by trekkie1701D View Post
I dont know a lot about them, but from the research I have done, I think HDDVD is the better choice (the new disks have a very close size, and are cheaper the BR)
I don't think I would call 20 gigs storage capacity difference a close range unless you are referring to picture quality. Audio quality is lower on HD-DVD. HD also does not have the interactive features like Blu-Ray does. And I don't know where you shop but with the exception of sales on particular titles I have found the price on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD the same. It's only the price of the players that are lower in HD-DVD. However, it seems the public isn't buying (excuse the pun) into the new lower price HD-DVD players as Blu is outselling them like 5 to 1. I think the public is not as dumb as some people think and they have obviously chosen Blu-Ray. Paramount better get their act together or they will find themselves short of sales and thus short on capitol if they don't switch soon.

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