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redshirt bob - that is one heck of a classic trek moment. i never tire of it. many such journeys are possible. kirk-lets get the hell out of here. awesome

corbomite manuevre-when Balok comes on screen and the voice over by ted cassidy- another classic.

kirk and spock giving the alien attacking mcCoy a going over in MIRI.

the savage curtain ' we welcome the starship enterprise to witness the spectacle about to unfold' - rock creature.

kirk in the man trap - i dont like mysteries, they give me a belly ache....and ive got a beauty right now.

what are little girls made of - RUK impersonating capt kirk- fine mr spock, dr corby has nade some facinating discoveries, stan by for regular contact -kirk out.

kirks risk is our business speech

Borg08- i love america! i really do. but im not sure i could live there permenatly bit i think i might miss Britain-for all its problems!!

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