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Well both the rec room on the 1701 and the conference room on the 1701-D missed ships that carried the name Enterprise (not necessarily starships). Both of them missed one carrier or the other. The 1701 showed the WWII carrier, but not the nuclear carrier. The 1701-D showed the nuclear carrier but not the WWII carrier. Both were of historical significance in their own right. Then of course there were 6 other American ships to carry the name Enterprise that date all the way back to the American Revolution, and even some of these ships were of historical significance as well. The Royal Navy has had roughly 14 vessels to carry the name Enterprise, a few actually predate the American Revolution. So clearly, the depictions on the 1701 and the 1701-D were not intended to be a complete representation of the history of the name Enterprise, but simply more of an overview. The only thing that they really seemed to pay attention on was depicting the Federation starships to carry the name.

Whether or not a random starfleet officer would know how many starships carried the name Enterprise, I really am not sure. I've met plenty of naval officers that couldn't tell you what the first American ship named Enterprise was even though it is probably the most well known name in the fleet. The ship was one of the first, if not THE first ship commissioned by Congress, she was the most significant ship in the Lake Champlain Squadron, she fought at Valcour Island which stopped the British invasion of New York, and was the flagship of Benedict Arnold of all people. Of course this isn't specifically covered in the naval history text that the Navy uses as far as the Enterprise is concerned. But I've met plenty of officers that don't even know what the Battle of Jutland was, and that IS something that is in the text books.

It will be interesting if in the future, the makers of Star Trek will also include Richard Branson's VSS Enterprise on the Enterprise's Wall of Fame.

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