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Originally Posted by TheUnnamedSooner View Post
That was 20 something years ago. I've never met him, but interviews and books seem to think he has changed his view towards fan and trek in general. Back then, he couldn't get any roles in other movies because all anyone saw was James Kirk not Shatner. So, in a sense, that is probably why he had the despisement because it didn't allow him to grow as an actor. But it seems he has since embraced trek and glad it happened.
Welcome TheUnamedSooner!

I hope that is indeed the case. Let's be honest, Shatner is no DeNero, or Orsen Wells.

Can you name 2 decnt films SHatner was in pre or post Trek? The only one I can think of is The Intruder from 1962, were he did a great job potraying a bigot.

Shatner is a camp actor, allways has been, allways shall be. Nothing wrong with it. But at that time, he didn't want to face it.
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