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Originally Posted by CoW mAn View Post
I have noticed that when I go to the main forums page it APPEARS as if I'm no longer logged in but once I click on a subforum it looks and behaves as if I never logged out. Is it actually making you log in again to do anything or is it perhaps just an appearance thing like I've experienced?
Yes, the same thing happens to me too, until I get into a topic, then it lists me as logged in at the upper right corner.

Appreciate the suggestion asking if my security is too high, but it happens to me on different computers which have different settings so that doesn't seem to be the problem (not all by itself, anyway).

Also, after I get 'dropped off' once or twice, then I seem to stay on fine thereafter -- and of course no browser settings have changed since the first try. Anyway, thanks for the feedback so far, all. I know there was a glitch activating my account at first, I wonder if that's related to this problem?
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