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Originally Posted by Gunny1 View Post
As example the turret-mount, itself, is still circular; but as a shot of a model shows, there is a large rear 'overhang' to match the weight of the gun-barrels themselves.
Exactly. The problem with the first of the American centerline battleships is that the turrets were also circular just like the mounts and didn't have that overhang. They were literally just enlarged versions of the original Monitor turret. That's why the Indiana class listed so much to one side when their main batteries were trained on one side. It wasn't until the Illinois class that the USN adopted the elliptical balanced turret design which was the first turret design to incorporate that overhang.

Normally I would post schematics, which I do have. That would make describing things easier than just text. I just have no working scanner at the moment.

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