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Well Off-axis battleships like the Texas and Maine, had a turret on each side (port and starboard). So balancing the mass of the guns in relation to the centerline isn't a big problem. Just rotate both guns outward. The problem with the off-axis design was that only half the main battery could be trained on a target. The centerline design solved this problem, but they were still using the old turret designs derived from the old monitors.

With the centerline turrets in the Indiana class, the guns and most of the machinery is located on the forward side of the turret. Remember, these are really wide circular turrets. So when the guns are turned to one side, the mass of all the guns and machinery shift to one side and are no longer centerline. The turrets themselves were mounted on the centerline, but the guns were not. They were actually mounted just forward of the turret's axis of rotation. That's why the elliptical balanced turret design came about, because when the gun is trained to one side, the turret is actually slightly off center to balance out the weight of the guns.

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