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Originally Posted by Akula2ssn View Post
...This is all according to the book, American Battleships 1886-1923: Predreadnought Design and Construction.
Then I respectfully submit that either you or the author misunderstood something; the key here being 'pre-Dreadnought'.

Dreadnought and post-dreadnought designs are centerline designs; as evidenced by my post regarding the Texas.

Now, look at the Indiana, with it's off-axis turrets. As I am sure you already know, the further from the center of gravity one moves, the greater effect any shift in weight has. This is a simple, unavoidable axiom. As such, centerline turrets cannot have the same effect you are mentioning; yet off-center turrets, by the same token, MUST. This is a basic scientific fact; the very foundational concept of leverage.

(Consider, if you will, a 'pry bar'. A very short one has little effect - you are too close to it's own fulcrum. The longer the bar, the more the effect, even though you are applying the same force/'weight'. On any ship worth speaking of as such, the fulcrum point is at, or very near, the central line - it is axial.)

I would be interested in seeing the original quotation for this position; as I said, it seems, prima facia, against all I know and understand, not just about ship design, but about basic science.

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