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Actually the Indiana class, which were the first centerline turret battleships in the USN had problems with the guns pulling the ships so far to one side that the waterline on the unengaged side was exposed. It also resulted in a reduced elevation arc of 5 degrees for the ships. During the Spanish American War, the Navy actually had to order the ships to return the guns to their underway positions when they were not firing. Eventually 28 tons of lead ballast were placed into the back of the turrets. This is all according to the book, American Battleships 1886-1923: Predreadnought Design and Construction.

I believe the off center design was more stable because while you had one turret on one side, you also had another turret on the other side of the ship. But you could only bring half your main battery to bear on a target.

When the Illinois class came about, the USN finally went away from the pillbox turret and used the "elliptical balanced turret" design that was used on the Royal Navy's Majestic class.

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