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Originally Posted by Gunny1 View Post
U.S.S. Iowa, BB-4

U.S.S. Iowa, BB-63

This is one thing I like about Trek; both ships above are 'propellor-driven ships-of-the-line with turret-mounted main batteries', and hence could be argued to be the 'same basic idea', you can see the design advancements that have created a whole new 'look' to battleships.

Likewise, Trek manages to keep this real-world example alive. The familiar aspects of warp-phaser-shields are there; but in a totally different configuration in the Intrepid-class as opposed to the Constitution-class... just like real life. (...and pre-warp ships are like sailing ships, etc., etc...)
As opposed to the

USS Maine ACR-1

USS Texas

Both of these were the first battleships in the USN which used off center turrets. However, this design fell out of favor in a matter of a few years with the introduction of the Indiana class. (On a side note, I always end up doing double takes with the Iowa BB-4. It's almost identical to the Indiana class with the exception of the higher freeboard.)

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