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Originally Posted by Zardoz View Post
Didn't O"Brien say soemthign to the effect of the Defiant-Class was scrapped because they couldn't get the power balnce right for the frame, and that it had Galaxy Class power systems in a small ship? I might be remembering wrong...
I think all that was said that it was extremely overpowered for such a small ship and design problems (as well as the diminished Borg threat at the time) was one of the reasons why the project was briefly abandoned. The Defiant produced a warp signature that was equivalent to that of a larger vessel (but how much larger is anyone's guess, IMO). I don't recall if it was actually referred to as being as powerful as a Galaxy-class starship, but I do vaguely remember in one episode the Defiant had to divert power from another system just to reach Warp 9.5, which is slower than the maximum safe speed (Warp 9.6) of the Enterprise-D. I would imagine that most ships the Defiant's size wouldn't have the power necessary for all its weapons...
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