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Originally Posted by Commodore View Post
Well, to be fair, the Defiant was supposed to be the first of a fleet of "Borg busters," but it was likely the only one around at the time of First Contact (other Defiant-class ships may have still been under construction or deployed elsewhere in the Federation, IMO). I would imagine that a bunch of Defiant-class ships working together would be able to take down a Borg cube fairly easy.

On the other hand, perhaps First Contact showed that the Defiant-class really isn't "all that" as a Borg buster anyway. Aside from its quantum torpedoes, it's biggest weapon would seem to be its pulse phaser cannons which can make mincemeat of Jem'Hadar vessels, but may be only marginally more effective the Borg. The Defiant has overpowered engines for a ship of its size, but then that would probably make it on par with ships that are several times its size...
Didn't O"Brien say soemthign to the effect of the Defiant-Class was scrapped because they couldn't get the power balnce right for the frame, and that it had Galaxy Class power systems in a small ship? I might be remembering wrong...
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