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Next group: TNG... Fifty five known fatalities. Of these, forty are no named.

According to Memory Alpha, These include:

18 crew lost to the Borg in "Q Who"

At least 11+ In "The Best of Both Worlds"

3 killed by Rutian terrorists in "The High Ground"

7 unnamed killed in the firestorms of Bersallis III "Lessons"

1 unnamed Security officer killed by Lore's Borg in "Descent"

The other 15:
Assistant Chief engineer Singh. "The Lonely Among Us"

Security Officer Ramos. "Heart of Glory"

Tasha Yar.

Ensign Haskell. "Where Silence Has Lease"

Lt. Marla Aster. "The Bonding"

Lt. jg. Van Mayter. Engineer. "In Theory"

Lt. jg. Monroe. Conn officer. "Disaster"

Lt. Edward Hagler. "Schisms"

Crewman Richardson. "Lessons"

Crewman Franklin. "Descent"

Ensign Corelki. "Descent"

Ensign Sito Jaxa. "Lower Decks"

Lt. Daniel Kwan. "Eye of The Beholder"

Ensign Dern. "Genesis"

Feng Lee.

No data on Feng Lee... So might as well be a no name. Of the remaining 14, Tasha Yar, Sito Jaxa, and Van Mayter are in. I think Ensign Haskell is out.
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