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Well yes let's see... Enterprise casualties by the episodes... (TOS only)

WNMHGB 12 Dead. 9 no names... Remaining Lee Kelso, Gary Mitchell, Elizabeth Dehner.

"The Man Trap" 4 dead. Darnell, Sturgeon, Green, Barnhart.

"What Are Little Girls Made Of?" 2 dead. Mathews, Rayburn.

"Balance of Terror" Robert Tomlinson.

"The Naked Time" Joe Tormolen.

"The Galileo Seven" Gaetano, Lattimer, Ensign O'Neil.

"Friday's Child" Grant.

"Catspaw" Jackson.

"The Apple" (They drop like flies in this one!) 4 dead. Hendorf, Kaplan, Mallory, Marple.

"Arena" Lang, O'Herlihy

"The Changeling" 6 dead. Carlisle +3 more Security and two in engineering. (According to Memory Alpha.)

"Wolf In The Fold" Karen Tracy.

"The Deadly Years" Arlene Galway.

"Devil In The Dark" 1 Enterprise Crewman dead.

"Wink of An Eye" Compton.

"The Omega Glory." Galloway.

"The Ultimate Computer" Harper.

"By Any Other Name" Yeoman Thompson.

"Obsession." 6 Dead. Ensign Rizzo. Four more Security,One Engineering. (Of the four other security, One was the indomitable Mr. Leslie who seems to have inexplicably revived by the end of the Episode.)

"And The Children Shall Lead." Two dead.

"Elaan of Troyius" One Dead. Engineer Watson.

"That Which Survives." Three dead. D'Amato, Watkins, Transporter Operator Wyatt.

"Requiem For Methuselah" Three Dead.

This adds up to 57. Of these, 24 are no names and Mr. Leslie should be discounted on account of his obvious and miraculous recovery. That leaves 32.

Compton actively choose to aide the Hijackers in "Wink of An Eye." Not gonna give him a reroll for that. Joe Tormolen basically 'willed' his own death...

Of the remaining 30: Rizzo, Galloway, and Lee Kelso are in. Gary Mitchell is under consideration. So what about any of the other 26? Do any of them merit any special interest?
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