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Default Favourite Star Trek Related Moment

Please think back and dig up your favourite memory that involves Trek. It cant be, oh watching the movies for the first time. But I mean where it has actually affected your life and stands out to you when you think back.

Ill Start -

Vegas '07, Leonard Nimoy on stage and is taking questions. A lil 10 year old Hawaiian kid asks him a question and I think Nimoy just thought he was adorable and started asking him questions like who was his favourite character (Spock) and his favourite show (TOS). After a brief conversation, Nimoy then declared that when the new movie premieres, he will pay for the kid and his family to come to the premiere as his guests of honour. Needless to say the kid was happy. But everyone else at the convention arrupted with applause and you know deep down that that was what Trekindom is all about.

I know it didnt effect me but its just such an amazing thing to see that i thought i would share it. So share yours !
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