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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
That's good news. Maybe there will be a cliff hanger or something in the way at the end of Star Trek XI.

But what will be the names of that movies, if Star Trek XI will eb called "Star Trek Zero"?

Star Trek 1/3
Star Trek 2/3

Star Trek -1
Star Trek -2
(Prequels rule )
In a interview I read, I think it's simply going to be called Star Trek...

Brian - January 26, 2008
#487:” the way in which Star Trek (Zero) will fit into the continuum.”

I’m not sure if the (zero) really means anything, but I’m really hoping that this isnt going to be the title. I would be fine with not going Star Trek XI, even if it’s just called Star Trek (no bloody numbers or colon), I feel that the Zero would give it too much of the “Star Wars” feel when they did the prequels.

Just my 2 cents.


491. roberto orci - January 26, 2008

Agreed. As we’ve said before, it will simply be Star Trek. We’ve used the term Star Trek Zero a few times to remind new audiences who have felt that Trek has passed them by that they can tune in and be introduced to the world anew.
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