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Originally Posted by brokenbacktango View Post
So a sequel is a definite thing?

As for me, I saw it opening day in L.A. ... right after I ate a huge meal and then had no choice but to sit right in the front row because of the crowd. I am proud to say I was only a little nauseated. I loved the movie! I really need to see it again.

And since the spoiler tag is up... I have to admit, the little creatures were a lot more terrifying to me than the big one. Especially after we get the "full frontal" shot of the big one right before Hud shuffles off his mortal coil. Didn't care for the big creature design but after sitting through the movie seeing it all from Hud's POV, to see that thing looking down at the camera made it feel like it was really looking at us. Not a feeling I've gotten in a movie in a long time. It was amazing.
Yeah I read that Paramount is in talks for Cloverfield 2, if it'll be a catch up or a new cast, I'm not sure... but I'll be good reguardless
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