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Originally Posted by STLTrekFan View Post
Kinda off topic, but why did Scotty Carry his nephew to the bridge seeing how sickbay is between Main engineering and the bridge. That scene always seems out of place.

Back on topic. Other than the ones mentioned here in thread, there is not much known about the families of the rest. But didn't see anyone talk about Sulu's Daughter Demora, as we all know is the Helmsmen of the E-B
Also, people do some really crazy, off the wall stuff when they're grieving, or in shock, believe me, i know. If your kid got run over by a car in front of you, would you just leave him in the street to get hit by the next car? You'd probably grab him and run around like a chicken with your head cut off yelling "Call 911!, Call 911!". Very few people have the gift of being totally level-headed in a situation like that. Most people freak like a big dog.
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