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Originally Posted by Yagami Crewman View Post
Or maybe it was proof that Mitchell wasn't as good a friend as he pretended to be all along? We DO get the sense that even before his change that he's a bit on the sneaky and manipulative side...

But someone once suggested that maybe that tiny mistake by the "God" was enough for Kirk to realize Mitchell wasn't infallible and thus could still be beat.
Hmm I never sensed that...until the change.

Gary himself never chose to do wrong. His perceptions/personality were forcibly changed by an exterior force (The Barrier Energy). I can see were it could be the equivlant of an alien taking over his mind, giving him unlimited power and focing him to do it's agenda, not his.

What makes me think this way, is couple of times they pump enough power into Gary to mometrairly disrupt whatever is going on, and you see the real Gary back, knowing what he's done, and powerless to stop it.
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