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Originally Posted by Stef* View Post
Perhaps, because you have young healthy eyesight. It won't bother you, because your brain and muscles will compensate for it as long as they can, and they can longer.

There is a reason, why books are printed in dark letters with serifes onto offwhite paper and why news or other "read" medias are in this form. Because the eyes are better adjusting, to diminsh the contrasts and the stress for your optical nerves you often use without knowing while reading.

In case you are older (as many Trek Fans are) or you already have a restraint of eyesight, thenn you WILL notice it on every dark webpage with plain white text.

I for myself can only read here for some minutes, clear and sharp, but then the my eyes beginn to squeeze and I have afterimages when I look onto something other to ease this.

I don't want to critisize the style, but I hope for an option to change it in my profile, so I can read it without stressing my eyes.
Strange. I learned it is only the lens that is losing functionality due to ageing (presbyopy, cataract). I can assure you, the optic nerves are not stressed (as far as I'm informed)! Afterimages are normal, because your receptor molecules have to be recycled. What is it that brain and muscles should compensate? Can you look at the stars without feeling the same problems? Maybe it's rather a problem of focus, not of light. I'll read my physiology textbook now, maybe I find something...

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