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Originally Posted by Aaleck View Post
I guess I never understood the term 'Canon'

Guess I understand sorta, but they could still do it before he dies :P How you get that point to the viewers, I don't know... I'm also not one of those crazed trek fans that want everything to be 100% and freak out about the button being blue and not red or the enterprise being built on earth and not in space... *shrugs* Just a TV show/Movie
That's fine .

Just be prepared for things to look diferent to the 60's show thats all .

I'm prepared for change and welcome it

I know some fans will bring out the cannons on paramount and JJ's office if the blue button is red , but i dont really care that much

As long as the story is Trek the Ent could be pink with blue ribbons for all i care

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