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Hmmmm Spock is a great character but he doesn't quite qualify here because at last report he wasn't dead. McCoy I might be able to work assuming he passed on finally... (Great thing about written works and the power of Q is that McCoy and Kirk could return in their prime as seen in the five year mission.)

Part of the attraction in using Kirk as Captain would be the difference in how officers of different times would react to him. Take for example either Seto Jaksa or Lt. Hawk at Navigation and Lee Kelso at Helm... Hawk might be inclined to look at Kirk through the lenses of someone seeing a legend while to Lee Kelso "That's just the Captain!" And to Trip Tucker... Well at first he wouldn't have any reason to think anything special about Kirk at all now...

The Enterprise C as much as the B is a wonderfully mysterious ship to me and something about her appeals...

As to the crew.... I've read that the Ambassador class carried a crew of 700 so that's plenty of room for more familiar faces to appear...

Lt. Galloway and Lt. Stadi
Dr. Carter...
Others anyone?
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