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Red face Weird Fan Story Idea....

Have had this weird idea for a story based on the idea that the irksome Q has taken up gardening of a sort... Raising young civilizations like a human might grow roses. But Q finds his garden has a pest problem. Q doesn't want to just remove the pests by snapping his fingers because that might make his garden too dependent on him and not grow strong enough to look after itself.

The solution: Bring in humans to act as his pest control and they will teach the growing races to stand up on their own. The problem is that Picard will ask too many questions, Sisko would (If he were in the human realm) Just hit him again, and Janeway would rip him a new singularity....

So he chooses Starfleet Officers who are already dead and revives them and gives them a ship without explaining anything to them, confident they will do what he wants naturally as they pass through on their way home. (This has the added advantage that he doesn't have to ever admit they ever did anything for him....)

So in this bizarre situation, what destroyed or lost ship and what deceased officers to man it should Q pick for this?
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