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Many of you listed the Incredibles soundtrack. Personally, I hope it is as different from that as possible. I HATED that score, it was worse than the Star Trek IV score by a mile. In THAT case, the music alone may ruin the movie for me.

I truly hope he reuses the Jerry Goldsmith music, even if it is only used a couple times (like John Ottman did with Williams' theme in Superman Returns). That has been pretty much established as the Star Trek theme, even moreso than the AC theme; even Gene Roddenberry is on record as having said he originally intended for Goldsmith to do the theme for TOS, but had to pick AC because Goldsmith was unavailable at the time. So, it would be idiotic to pick what I think was the second-best theme over the iconic theme that even the creator of Trek overall had explicitly stated was the true theme.
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