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Originally Posted by ST Redshirt View Post
I'm sure most are good people. They're Star Trek fans after all!

If I was looking for help it would be based on how the person behaves on the boards. Are they patient with others? Are they fair? Are they helpful and observant? Do they play well with others, and not let ego or personality conflicts get in the way?

While experience on other boards is nice, it's not the most important thing to me. I know we have lots of good experience here. Many people are qualified based on experience but how they treat others is more important to me. If the time comes we look for volunteer moderation help, the above are the qualities I will look for.
Yes that is what i do on my boards as well, Alot of the people I ask usually were not even thinking of being a mod and are surprised I asked them. With a board like this you have to be held to a higher standard since it is a Paramount (and by extension Viacom) board. How you relate to others is crucial in these matters.
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