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I really don't know what his score will be like. I've only heard his work on Lost and the music on Lost is very moody, more atmospheric than straightforward driven melody though it does have a few really nice pieces of music one especially associated with Locke.

Anyway it will be interesting to see what he does with the score. I was watching an episode of the original series the other day and they played this strange version of the title music, which sounds very 60's you know. Anyway it sounded such a way as it could work well today, it was very dramatic, suspenseful, but then again was played during a chase. Anyway I'll be wondering if he'll work the original theme in somehow?

You didn't like the score to Trek IV, it was my favorite score, it really reminded me of Star Trek, the wonder, the scale, the adventure, it really hit it for me. Loved the chimes!

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