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Originally Posted by Captain Pike View Post
To be honest, we need something on a grand scale that is very epic. In The Motion Picture we heard something like never before with dark tones and those wierd instruments when we saw Vger that sounded like springs being sprung. Its hard to describe but it was effective and has stood the test of time for it being unique. For this film we need something we have never heard of and it needs to be dark and exillerating when called for. I would love to have dark ambient music since space alone is a dark cold place and it is a sinister atmosphere with death lurking at all corners. If this movie is starting over the franchise the music needs to re-invent itself as well. I dont mind the Alexander Courage theme at all being in the film as it was used very nice and appropriate in The Motion Picture when Kirk was giving his Captains log as Spock was rebalancing the Warp Engines as they were headed to intercept VGer. It would be nice to here this in the movie at an appropriate time. Again I say use something very dark and sinister but when battle is at hand use a riviting score that will blast the audiences out of their seats. Here is an example of the Ambeint music on this youtube videos for TMP The Directors Cut that is vey good and effective that my brother did. I encourage you to watch parts one thru three to get an idea. In Part 2, the music is great when they travel thru the cloud. Please watch and let me know what you think because you have never experienced Star Trek like this before and if you have never seen the Directors Cut then here is your chance. It is broken down to all the new special effects for three 9 minute parts. Its worth it. Thanks from Captain Pike.

Part one

Part two

Part 3

Yeah, that wouldn't be bad at all.
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