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Default What other movies interest ya?

I was just curious what other movies you wanted to see. You might even point out ones I hadn't heard of/paid attention to, which may pique my interest.

Two that I am interested in look kinda fun (some description to follow)...

First off, there's Jumper, coming out in the next two weeks. If you hadn't checked out the Jumper site before, then it won't be a big deal, but it looks like they redesigned/rearranged the flash content (I've got a local cache of the old site). Two Star Wars actors ya might recognize and Rachel Bilson are in this flick.

Now, there are four cities to jump to - Rome, Egypt, Tokyo, and New York, and in each scene are little tidbits to find, like videos, notes, pictures, wallpapers - I think mostly the same stuff as what was there with the previous design - just in a new way to look for 'em.

Something kinda interesting when you "jump" to Egypt, there are 6 clocks on the wall showing the time around the world, and, for instance, clicking on the right-most one sends ya to a site with the exact time on a "speaking clock" for NYC. Other times shown include St. Petersburg and Sydney...

Also, in the Tokyo scene, you'll find that there's a place to enter a code.

It's a copy and paste job that you find in the Rome scene. Or, if ya don't wanna go look for it, it's AGD789586DS.

Entering that code will get ya to the Paladin network, and more info about the characters (Jumpers, Paladin), how to track Jumpers, and a description of a Jumpscar...

Also, there's an ad for Meridian Audio speakers, an 11-page Jumpscar Comic Book (in flash, found in the New York setting), from the point of view of "Jessica", who is a Paladin, and a preview of the Jumper Movie Game (telling Griffin's story, found in the Egypt room).

Just thought I'd mention what I found so far...

There's also a fun HP ad/trailer, too.


"There are HEROES


And then there's...


So, have ya heard anything about Hancock? Besides Smith, it's got Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman, too. Not much up at the official site yet, but it looks kinda good/funny from the trailer (other sizes for it are here). Anyway, I thought it was cool how they showed, in a sorta hyper-real sense, the effects of Hancock's super powers!

Just fyi- part of the trailer doesn't have exactly the most appropriate kinda content in it (in the scene with the kid), though.

Aside: along with "I Am Legend", Smith seems to be sticking close to the formula he figured out about the elements of the top ten movies*, imo, which doesn't seem to be a bad idea...

Also, if you were interested in some tidbits about Hancock (BTS about him and Theron), along with learning a little more about what makes Smith tick, you can check out this interview, in Men's Vogue (didn't know there was such a mag until I saw that December issue at the checkout, and there is an expletive or two in the article).

Anyway, Hancock looks like a kinda new take on the superhero genre, and something I'd like to see, too.

So, what movies interest you?

*I had read what Will Smith had to say in an interview with Reader's Digest when it came out, but I was reminded of something he said on this page when the trailers for Transformers came out:
I am kind of a student of the patterns of the universe. When my partner, James Lassiter, and I came to Hollywood, I said, "I want to be the biggest movie star in the world." We observed that of the top ten movies of all time, ten were special effects or animation. Nine were special effects or animation with creatures. Eight were special effects or animation with creatures and a love story. So we made Independence Day. When you see the patterns, you just try to put yourself in the position to get lucky.
(Tangent: I had heard that Will thought Shia LeBoeuf was at least a pretty cool actor, and that's part of why he was in "I, Robot". Now, after seeing that Shia is in Transformers, ya gotta think that Will was maybe even mentoring Shia a little!)
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