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Zetseui welcome to Star Trek fandom. I have always loved Star Trek and Star Wars, but Star Trek has always been on a higher plateau for me, a very appealing future for humanity, a dream that could be reality. Star Wars is just pure fantasy and has no basis in our realty. But I am not here for a Star Trek Star Wars debate.

I am a huge fan of the Trek, I fallow the timeline, technological transitions, maps and territories in the Milky Way, these things are important to Star Trek because in a way I kind of add them to the future of our reality. So staying true to the Star Trek cannon is important.
Supposedly there was a time where we made a transition back to knobs and toggle switches in the 23 century. I look at it this way if star trek is a story being told like star wars “ a long long time ago” then this is how historians see the past and who knows how many mistakes could have been made. How well have we recounted our own history? What if someone from the year 4000 is looking back at the 23 century they are bound to get aspects of history wrong! Since time travel is also possible the past could be changed at any time. So there are many possibilities. As a Star Trek fan of 20 years I don’t like things changing too much which are etched in stone but I also keep an open mind. Bottom line…being conservative can just make me angry, which is why I am liberal and open to new ideas. When it comes to Star Trek I can be a purist but I am open, if I enjoy it then I enjoy it and I am not going to analyze the hell out of the new movie.
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