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Originally Posted by Botany Bay View Post
No, I think she just tried to press something through. By playing the character so... "meaningfull" she may have tried to force the producers to make stories that fit the high class of an actress like her. As soon as she realized that the producers dont give a damn she left the show. Its not uncommon that actors try to influence the way a movie or TV-show develops. Seeing her performance and the very negative way how Berman reacts to questions about her, I get the feeling thats exactly what happened here.

In the way: Star Trek sucks, I dont have another offer now, so perhaps I can force the producers to make Voyager a really high art TV show. If not, then to hell with Trek.

Sad enough, I personally think she may not be that wrong about it, because I really dislike Voyager and find it a really numb show. And considering how the franchise developed in the last decade...
Very well written and isightful there BB!

I would tend to agree with that statement on her acting.

I never found Voyager numb or boring personally.
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